Double Degree Program (3+1 Program)

The International College of King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok (IC-KMUTNB) and Hochschule Bremerhaven – University of Applied Sciences, Germany (HSBHV), is calling for 3 applicants for the Double Degree 3+1 Programme. Under this programme, the study will be 3 years of BBA INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND BUSINESS LOGISTICS at IC-KMUTNB and 1 year of ‘BETRIEBSWIRTSCHAFTSLEHRE (Bachelor of Business Administration)’ at the host university (HSBHV). Successful graduates of this programme will be awarded Double Degree from both universities.

Details of the Programme

  1. For ITBL students, they will spend Semester 1 – 6 at KMUTNB and Semester 7-8 at HSBHV
  2. While studying at HSBHV, the ITBL students must completed their Bachelor Thesis under joint-supervision of HSBHV and ITBL lecturers.
  3. Only courses approved by both universities may be enrolled and transferred to obtain double degree at both universities. Unapproved courses will not be considered for the transfer.
  4. Courses and Credits taken at HSBHV will be counted for the graduation result of ITBL students and will be included in their GPAX.
  5. Language of teaching and Bachelor Thesis writing at both universities is “English”
  6. HSBHV will organize a Basic German Language class for ITBL students without addition fee.
  7. Financial matters:
  8. ITBL students pay their usual tuition fee to KMUTNB at 60,000 THB per semester.
  9. Tuition fee is waived at HSBHV
  10. Under German laws, both local and foreign students at all higher education institutions are required to pay a “Semester Contribution”. This is a contribution to student services. In return, students will be able to enjoy student discount and privileges such as discount meal at canteens, free semester ticket for public transportation within the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen area (Bremen and Bremerhaven) and include transportation from Free Hanseatic City of Bremen to some major cities like Hamburg. Students can also take advantage of the discount for gym, museum, and sport events. The amount is about 300 EURO for each semester.
  11. Students must responsible for their personal expenses: Passport, VISA, Health Insurance, Accommodation, Textbook, and other personal spending.
  12. Students must also provide proof of sufficient funds allocated for 1 Year of living and studying in Germany as required by the German Immigration Policy (at least 8,640 EURO per 1 Bank statement is required to be provided to the German Embassy when applying for VISA. Accommodation is responsible for students. The HSBHV International Office will provide recommendations and some assistance in renting suitable accommodation. Price varies based on type and number of amenities.

Criteria for Candidacy

  1. ITBL students Code 59
  2. GPAX (Semester 1 – 5) at 3.00 and upper
  3. No standing F, W, or untaken course left by their 6th Semester
  4. IELTS 6.5 + (later submission is possible but earlier submission will be considered first)
  5. Students must be able to finance all expenses occur during one year of study. Parents or Guardian must also approve to take care of the expense.
  6. Applicants must show their intension to join the candidacy by enroll in the following courses earlier than usual.
  • Business Laws (2/2019)
  • Seminar for International Trade and Logistics Business (2/2019)
  • Co-Operative Education (Summer / 2019) May – July
  1. Must be a person of good character as representative of the IC and KMUTNB
  2. The decision of the International College is finite with no further contest.