K-StEP for Freshmen 1/2020

K-StEP for Freshmen 1/2020
King Mongkut’s Standardized English Proficiency Test (K-StEP Test) is a paper-based English Proficiency Test developed by the Department of Languages, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok. The test is administered to assess English proficiency of KMUTNB undergraduate students, postgraduate students and the general public. The test also aims to help promote students’ and general public English skills and improvement.

Thus, on 29 July 2020, International College organized the English test for all new freshmen to evaluate their English proficiency skill and in order to let them know how they should improve their English skill during 4 years of their studies.

K-StEP Overview:      

Part 1: Listening Comprehension (30 items)

Part 2: Reading Comprehension (30 items)

Part 3: Structure and Usage (40 items)

Total scores: 100 points

Test duration: 3 hours