About IC

The International College of KMUTNB was established as part of the KMUTNB’s international strategy under the 11th Higher Education Development Plan (2012-2016) as a response to the ever changing global business environment marked by the growth of borderless trade, technology, and the shift in capital investment flow. It’s also the university’s vision to response to the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), the regional cooperation among ASEAN nations, which will soon be implemented in 2015. The AEC aims to advance ASEAN’s position in world economy, by creating collaborations between member nations through free trade agreement of products and services, the flow of skilled workers, and the cross-border capital market.  This gives rise to the urgent demand for the development of highly skilled human resources with well-rounded international skill set.

Our major mission is to provide graduates with well-rounded international skills and knowledge, who will be able to compete in both regional and global economics. Our business administration program : B.B.A. International Trade and Business Logistics (International Program) is designed to produce the next generation of business professionals equipped with knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing international business environment. The International College also promoted the collaboration with overseas higher education institutions for advancement of international trade and business research. Students are encouraged to think innovatively and develop their entrepreneurial skills under guidance of qualified and experienced lecturers. They are also encouraged to engaged in activities that will develop not only their professional skills but also communication skills, teamwork and leadership skills, cross-cultural literacy, and technological and language proficiency. International College’s graduates are not only equipped with qualification but also hands-on skills that allows them to pursue the competition and opportunities of their future career of choice,  or further their education in postgraduate level in Thai or overseas university.

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