Thai Language Class

International College, KMUTNB  also offers the Thai Language Class for foreign students so as to help them to understand Thai culture with various situations and case studies. Thai Class will start from 17:00 p.m. -19:00 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday by Aj. Achareeya Robkit, Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs. In our Thai Language course, we focus on giving the participants the lessons for speaking Thai for daily life as quickly as possible. However, it is still necessary to understand some Thai vocabulary as wll as grammar. Therefore, this course will interactive and dynamic through the conversation activities that expect for the participants can order food in Thai local restaurant, go shopping with public transportation and also communicate with Thai friends. Every year, International College, KMUTNB will offer two different levels that are 1) Beginner level (1st Semester: August-December) and 2) Advanced level (2nd Semester: January-May).