2/2017 Academic Calendar:

8 January 2018
Semester Opening and the beginning of 2/2017 classes
22 January 2018
The last day to enroll (Fine is applied)
19 February 2018
Foundation Day
1 March 2018
Makha Bucha Day
5 March 2018
The beginning of Mid-term exam week
11 March 2018
The end of Mid-term exam week
Monday 12 March – Friday 16 March 2018 Direct Admission Week (all class activities ceased)
28 March 2018
The last day to announce the Mid-term result
6 April 2018
Chakri Memorial Day
Friday 13 April – Monday 16 April 2018 Songkran holiday (all class activities ceased)
13 May 2018
The last teaching day
15 May 2018
The first day of Final Exam period
25 May 2018
The last day of Final Exam
26 May 2018
The end of the semester
4 June 2018
Grade submission deadline

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