Looking Back: Last Summer School of Jönköping University 2017 Review

Miss Ji Zhe – Jönköping University, Sweden:

Ji Zhe, a 3rd year student of International College, KMUTNB,  received the scholarship and attended the Jönköping University Summer School 2017 program in the course “Purchasing Logistics with a Global Perspective”, held on 5th – 30th June 2017. The Summer School of Jönköping University includes: Pick-up service, Accommodation, Company visits, Welcome lunch, Farewell dinner, Access to the library services, Wi-fi on campus, 24 hours/day access to the facilities as well as Social and cultural activities.

The summer school of Jönköping University 2017 consists of one 10 credit course given by the School of Engineering. The course Purchasing Logistics with a Global Perspective is open to students in both engineering and management. As a participant in our summer school, you will experience academic and applied knowledge as well as a truly international environment.

Purchasing Logistics with a Global Perspective The aim of the course is to give advanced knowledge of logistics in purchasing and supply chain management with a global perspective. The focus is on the purchasing functions importance for the company result. The course includes the following elements:

  • Purchasing and strategic sourcing
  • Competitive purchasing, latest research
  • Supply chain management, Globalization and Incoterms
  • Initiate supplier relations: define needs, specify and document
  • Assess supplier portfolio, select suppliers
  • Prepare negotiations with regard to TCO and cost break-down
  • Legal aspects, contracts, delivery and payment terms and contract management
  • Supplier relations: different levels of interaction
  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Purchase orders
  • Performance measurements (KPIs), and supplier evaluation
  • Supplier development process • Terminate supplier relations