New Course 2018: Self-Defense

As the current, criminal has increased in Bangkok, people need to be more careful especially women that may be quite a criminals’ target. Thus, international college realize the importance of protecting yourself from these situations then we decided to create self-defense course for our students to learn and enjoy it. The objectives of this course:

  • To increase students ability to respond to emergency situations
  • To improve students’ physical health and discipline
  • To improve students’ confident, bearing, self-esteem

In each class, students will learn some techniques from the instructor (Aj. Philippe Caleb Marinier) such as protection and escape methods during dangerous situations; Stand-up and ground techniques; Basic of taking a hit and giving a hit; Strength and endurance training; Mind and Physical Discipline. And also include the analysis of when and how to use the techniques, review of previous techniques, warm up and physical conditioning, and discussion of the theoretical aspects of self-defense.