Teacher Appreciation Ceremony 2018

Teacher Appreciation Ceremony


The First Part: “Prayer to Teachers”

These verse are used to show both respect to teachers and ask for their blessing. Thai people believe that those who re­spect others would be blessed with prosperity and success in life.

Pali Verse: Teachers are respected because they give knowledge.

Thai Verse:

“With my heart, I’m showing my appreciation to my past

teachers, who tirelessly educated me in the past. And, to teachers who are teaching me and present here.

I appreciate your role in shaping my life and, therefore, I am here in front of you.

May I be blessed because of my respect of you, to be a hard­ working person. May I be blessed with sharp mind, long­life, and success in my studies. May I be blessed to have a righteous mind and being a good person. May I be blessed with the knowledge, skills, and ability to create goodness in the world and bring prosperity to my country.”

Final Verse (in Pali) : They enlighten me. They teach me. Therefore, I will offer my respect to them.

The Second Part: The Appreciation of Teachers’ Obligations

The second part was composed by Pra Srisuntarawoharn (Noi Acharayangkura), who also wrote the first Thai Language text­book and is considered one of the pioneer teachers. It reflects the qualities of a good teacher in the eyes of students. It reminds teach­ers of their obligations to students.

Translation of the Text:

  • I am showing the utmost respect to my teacher.
  • The one who is kind, helpful, and teaches everything they know to me.
  • The one who reveals the unknown to be known.
  • The one who points out right from wrong.
  • The one who is kind and fair.
  • The one who sharpens my mind and my wit.
  • The one who makes difficult things easy to understand.
  • The one who rids my mind of darkness and of confusion.
  • Your qualities as teacher are appreciated and proclaimed the best qualities among heaven, earth, and beyond the netherworld.
  • Therefore, I will always remember you, my teacher, as long as I live.