New Academic Collaboration: International College & Technische Hochschule Rosenheim

The New Updated MoA with Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences 2022

In 2022 May, International College, KMUTNB agreed to conduct a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) for cooperation with Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences. The objective of this agreement is for Academic Exchange and Cooperation between Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences, Germany, and King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, Thailand. According to this agreement, International College, KMUTNB will send our students to this exchange program this coming Winter Semester. And provide an opportunity for students interested in studying abroad and benefits from transferring credits from universities that have cooperated.

Winter Semester: 1 OCT 2022 – 10 FEB 2023

Total Course Enrollment: 20 ETCS

  • Business Case Studies: 5 ETCS
  • Merger and Acquisitions: 5 ETCS
  • Supply Chain Management Business Cases: 10 ETCS