Overseas Field Trip 2022 (Taiwan-Japan)

On 19-26 December 2022, 38 undergraduate students, including the four faculty members of the International College, KMUTNB, were on an International Trade and Business Logistics Field Trip in Taiwan and Japan. The first visit is to the University of Taipei (Tianmu Campus), where both institutions discuss the possibility of future cooperation and development. Then, the next day, they head to Okinawa to visit RKK Line, which provides high-quality cargo transport and handling services for coastal shipping and contributes to the development of maritime logistics. The third visit is to Hakata port, Fukuoka, to see the overview of the operations, including the movement of containers and other cargo, loading, and unloading of ships and containers, and customs activities. And the last visit is to Kyushu University, Fukuoka. They were invited to join the lecture under the topic “Kyushu as a Regional Logistics Hub” by Prof. Hiroshi Hoshino. These field trips are meant for the students to get experiences from working places that have a lot of experts in the logistics field.