IC Green Project

On 31st March 2018, International College, KMUTNB organized IC Green Project at Bangkajao, Samutprakarn Province — The Best Urban Oasis of Asia. That is aimed at extending the students learning beyond classroom and should learn from practical perspective including.  The visit is a part of Environment for Life course.

ประกาศรายชื่อผู้ยืนยันสิทธิ์ศึกษาต่อ โควตาเรียนดี ปีการศึกษา 2561

การรับสมัครนักศึกษาใหม่ปี 2561(เพิ่มเติม) โดยใช้คะแนน O-NET

Scholarship Opportunity for International Summer School 2018: Hochschule Bremerhaven, Germany

Scholarship Opportunity for Summer School 2018: Jönköping University, Sweden

รับสมัครนักศึกษาใหม่ปีการศึกษา 2561: รอบ 2 โครงการรับตรง 29 จังหวัด (GAT/PAT)

Looking Back: Last Summer School at Hochschule Bremerhaven 2017 Review

Miss Poosuda Yeamapichard – Hochschule Bremerhaven, Germany

Possuda was awarded a full scholarship to attend the International Summer School on the course “Changes, Challenges, and Intercultural Sensitivities in International Economic and Business Relations” hosted by Hochschule Bremerhaven , held on 3rd to 17th August 2017.  The objective of the summer school is to offer education in a relaxed and cross-cultural atmosphere for young people in their holiday period. The study programme consists of joint lectures and workshops with international lecturers. It is embedded in site visits to established companies, cultural activities in maritime Bremerhaven and Bremen as well as trips to Paris and Amsterdam.  

Looking Back: Last Summer School of Jönköping University 2017 Review

Miss Ji Zhe – Jönköping University, Sweden:

Ji Zhe, a 3rd year student of International College, KMUTNB,  received the scholarship and attended the Jönköping University Summer School 2017 program in the course “Purchasing Logistics with a Global Perspective”, held on 5th – 30th June 2017. The Summer School of Jönköping University includes: Pick-up service, Accommodation, Company visits, Welcome lunch, Farewell dinner, Access to the library services, Wi-fi on campus, 24 hours/day access to the facilities as well as Social and cultural activities.

International College KMUNTB’s student won 2nd prize in Speech Competition at Buriram Rajabhat University

Miss Sukhansa U-Dee, a second year student of the International College of KMUTNB, won the Second Prize of the “International Undergraduate Study Speech Competition 2018” under the theme “ASEAN + 3 Way” that is  a part of The 2nd Buriram Rajabhat International Conference and Cultural Festival 2018: BRICC Festival 2018 hosted by Buriram Rajabhat University during 14th-16th February 2018. Sukhansa was trained and supervised by Ms. Nathida Polsue, Mr. Michael Elmore, and Mr. James Haft.

Academic Activities