Block Lecture 2023: Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The 21st-century skills that differ from those of the 20th and 19th-century education systems must develop to challenge reality. Therefore, to prepare students to have the skills to go out in the world of the 21st century that has changed from before, there are skills divided into three groups, 12 skills as follows. “Learning Skills” consist of Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration. “Literacy Skills” consists of Information Literacy, Media Literacy, and Technology Literacy. And the last is Life Skills consisting of Flexibility, Leadership, Initiative, Productivity, and Social Skills. From the above, it can see that 21st-century skills are in line with modern entrepreneurship.

Therefore, the International College saw the importance of this and Prof. Dr. Gerhard Feldmeier, Dean of the Faculty of Management and Information Systems, Hochschule Bremerhaven – University of Applied Sciences, Germany to give the block lecture for 4th-year students on 13-17 February 2023.

About teaching objectives and learning outcomes, participating students will learn about:

  • Determinants and characteristics of Entrepreneurship
  • How to create innovations and business ideas and will be motivated to become Entrepreneurs.